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Air Filter Hotels Motels Eco Friendly Rooms

RabbitAir MinusA2 ultra quiet air purifier

* Filters the air in our guestrooms up to four times in an hour * Provides cleaner air for allergy and asthma sufferers * Energy Star Certified * Zero Ozone Emission * Traps allergen and particles at 99.97% efficiency down to 0.3 microns * Reduces common allergens including dust mites, mold, pollen and pet dander* * Reduces the growth of bacteria and viruses on the filter * Prolongs optimal filter efficiency * Alleviates common odors

Aroma Therapy Shower Heads Hotels Motels Eco Friendly Rooms

Aroma Sense Aromatherapy Shower Heads.

Immerse yourself in a shower with vitamin C and captivating aromas. - BREATHE - filtration technology produces negative ions that help facilitate breathing - REFRESH - spa-jet inspired water pressure that can alleviate muscle aches and recharge yourself with an invigorating aromatherapy shower experience coupled with a lemon scent to revitalize your state of mind - DESTRESS - Immerse yourself in our relaxing scents every time you shower with Aroma Sense - LEMON - Detoxifies skin, relieves stress, and increases alertness and concentration. Lemon oil is rich in antioxidants and is great for detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin. It possesses antiseptic properties to help treat pimples and various skin disorders. In aromatherapy, lemon promotes improved concentration, enhanced awareness, and increased energy. Many experts use it to reduce stress, anxiety, and the symptoms of insomnia - Aromatherapy Effect: Natural Aroma oils provides an uplifting scent to enhance relaxation and alleviate stress - Chlorine Removal: Neutralizes chlorine from unfiltered water (including trihalomethane and other contaminant residues) - Vitamin C Replenishment: Contains vitamin C concentrate to promote healthier hair and skin

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